Advertisement mats which have been known around the world as CounterMats for several years are available from our company . They are a perfect combination of advertisement and usefulness. They are designed for all trade posts, shops and drug-stores. Thanks to their location near the counter, they attract the customer's attention when they stop to pay for products. At this very moment, the mat makes its entry. The advertising transmission that is placed on the mat influences the customer, informing him, or even urging the need to buy or choose the advertised brand.

It is one of most renowned and recognized methods of boosting sales. Our company, understanding the needs of customers, has designed several types and versions of advertisement mats which we present below.

The technological possibilities that we have, allow us to create many new, custom made advertisement mats. We are open for any unconventional ideas from our customers in the matter of shape, colour and the technique of making the mats. We offer our customers every modern printing technologies such as: UV offset print on PVC, PP, PE materials, and 3D lenticular print. The techniques used by us present the possibility of creating goods with a very high aesthetic quality. We will gladly take even the most difficult orders.