3D Products/3D, anim Gadgets

Advertising school items made of durable PVC and PP foil or of lenticular 3D foil for creating a three dimensional illusion. Perfect for advertising to kids and school children. These can be used in offices equally well. The prints are made according to the design ordered by the customer in full colour. Any shape and size is possible.

Small counters are perfect for campaigns based on the idea of collecting. Made in any shape in the full colour range. These can be used as supplements to magazines, toys, groceries and school items. Printed on PP, PVC or lenticular 3D foil, that creates a three dimensional illusion. On request, the reverse side of the counter may be made of magnetic material what increases it’s attractiveness and enables it to be placed on surfaces such as fridges.

Labels, tags, hangtags and many other items used in promotional and advertising actions – these counters are printed on the PVC, PP or lenticular 3D foil, that enables three dimensional effects such as Flip, Zoom, Morph to be obtained.