Tech. Info/Materials and technologies

Materials we use:

* top (foils):

  • OMP hard 0,3mm thick, with the special irregular micro-cone structure, non cracking, perfect for all optical and ball mouses, enables perfect mouse pad slide, high precision as well as high work comfort.
  • PVC gloss
  • PVC fine sand structure
  • PETT lenticular 3D foil
  • PP foil

*bottom (foams and gums):

  • grey PVC foam 1mm thick with white face
  • white or graphite PP foam, 1 mm thick
  • soft black micro-rubber EVA, 3 mm thick

Technologies we use:

* print:

  • offset LED UV CMYK print on the reverse of the foil
  • offset LED UV CMYK print on cardboard or art paper

* gluing/cutting:

  • printed foil in sheets glued together with bottom material sheets and cut to the desired shape

* high frequency welding:

  • printed foil in sheets welded together with PVC foam in high frequency welding technology, top and bottom are connected on the circuit edges and cut to the desired shape in one process