Our main products are mouse pads.

The mouse pads we produce are designed for work with optical mouses. Apart from traditional mouse pads we offer a few other kinds of unconventional mouse pads, e.g.:

  • mouse pads with liquid and floating elements,

  • mouse pads with a calendar,

  • mouse pads with a photo frame,

  • 3D mouse pads,

  • mouse pads with an open-able cover,

  • self-adhesive mouse pads.

The shape, size and graphic art of the mouse pad may be customized depending on customer needs and imagination.

We also produce other kinds of advertising pads, e.g.:

  • cup pads – coasters,

  • breakfast pads,

  • desk pads,

  • countermats, 

We produce our products using to the latest techniques and technologies. Our own UV printing house enables orders to be processed quickly – 7 to 14 days, in urgent situations even in 3 days.