3D Products/3D Lenticular Labels & Stickers

Lenticular labels 3D / Flip / Anim / Morph
stickers one and two sides, glued on top or glued under glass.

 For use as a label for cases, greeting cards, invitations,
as advertising accessories for products. 

We offer lenticular labels printed on foils:

- 150 LPI (0.262 mm)
- 100 LPI (0.355 mm)
- 75 LPI (0.457 mm)
- 100 LPI 3D (0.546 mm) foil with the best 3D depth effects and animations.

The back of the label is covered with a typical adhesive and protected with silicone paper.

The labels can be made in the version with magnetic foil (for refrigerators) or with foil
self-adhesive glueless repeated sticking type Repostick 

3D labels