Stickers and posters without glue, electrostatic and micro suction cups.


The „Repostick” sticker can be any shape and size. From minimum sizes eg 10 x 10 mm (only for what?) Up to 700 x 500 mm eg as a poster (which makes sense). Color without any restrictions, it means CMYK, Pantone, etc. Labels are printed using LED UV offset technology on RMGT 790

Repositionable labels ideas
  1. Labels 2D, labels 3D/Flip (leticular)
  2. Doming Labels
  3. Camera blokers
  4. Sticki Mouse Pads
  5. Sticki Advertising Mats (pharmaceutical, tabaco, automotive, etc)
  6. Posters
  7. Fridge notes and labels (without magnets 🙂 )